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The morpheus project

The Morpheus Project is a virtual community created for artists to showcase and trade their digital artwork on Holo-NFT. Holo-NFT is an Augmented Reality NFT artwork displayed in a holographic environment. 


NFT artworks are unique in the sense that the artworks are holographic, and not limited to 2D artworks that we are accustomed to. This uniqueness presents Holo-NFT artworks an opportunity to be one the most popular collectibles in the NFT marketplace.


This new artwork form is a truly immersive experience and can give a sense of realism as if the artwork is right in front of you, while safely stored on a digital device. So, Perception is proud to have established the first marketplace for artists and collectors to connect and trade.  


For collectors of Holo-NFT, you are owning part of historical artefacts in digital form, which you can share to your friends and family. The intrinsic value of Holo-NFT is immeasurable as in the future, holographic assets are the things of the future. Museums can share and display the holographic assets in their galleries and everyone can even have their own exhibitions!


Are you an artist interested in transforming your model into a Holo-NFT? With Perception’s Holo-NFT Editor, it's simple to create your own model and upload it to the Morpheus Marketplace. While the Holo-NFT Viewer is an easy to use tool for traders and artists who want to inspect their artworks. 

Download a free version of the Holo-NFT Viewer and Editor from here, and the user guide from here.

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