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School Partnership Program

An array of innovative tools for education sectors, worldwide, have been introduced over the last few years to aid with distance learning. Yet, educators have found it difficult to keep their students engaged and interested in learning. Our solution may be useful to you.

Recent changes in education sectors have also reinforced the importance of infrastructure to promote access to education. One such way is through semi-immersive education like Desktop-AR. With a simple computer program, a computer, camera and a pair of anaglyph glasses (those blue-red glasses - that you can make yourself or buy a pair from here) students have the opportunity to engage with artefacts. And, since it's all ‘virtual’, there’s no need to worry about any artefacts being touched or broken.

As the exhibitions are showcased in the school itself; transportation costs are eliminated and ticket prices are reduced. We see this playing a part in reducing educational inequality, especially in developing countries.

You must be thinking about what exactly one can expect from semi-immersive education? Well, it's simple. Students learn about history, science and art, in the classroom, by interacting with artefacts that pop-out of the screen. This means that their interest is piqued and they remain focused. Perception Codes has hosted multiple Desktop-AR workshops at International schools located through Bangkok, Thailand. The students had the chance to learn about Mars, Satellites and the Mars rover. 

If you would like to learn more about the school partnership program, send us an email and we will get back to you. 

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