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Request Holo-MUSEUM 3D Paper Glasses

Holo-MUSEUM metaverse is giving the gift of learning to Schools across the world. Schools and parents can request 3D paper glasses from Perception.


The Holo-Museum gives children from all backgrounds an opportunity to experience these museums and so much more, regardless of location or socio-economic background. By applying for these glasses, schools will be able to bring this world into the classroom and showcase experiences and exhibitions that these pupils may not otherwise get the chance to see. 


For the full Holo-MUSEUM experience, you will need to wear the 3D anaglyph glasses of your choice. These glasses will help your eyes adjust to what is in front of you, by taking the 2D surface of your desktop and turning it into an immersive experience. Then, what seems like a simple moving picture will become an unforgettable learning environment. 


To request a pair, fill in this application form and we will be in touch with you soon.