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Explore a new opportunity to protect, preserve and popularise human artefacts in the 21st century. Through digitization, Museum and Gallery, artefacts and exhibitions can be immortalised for future generations. Whilst museumgoers can be reached worldwide.

Perception’s flagship Holo-Museum exhibition, in partnership with the Imperial War Museum and Science Museums Group is an exciting new collaboration between two very different industries. By collaborating with Perception, these two organisations have opened themselves up to museumgoers world wide, and at the same time are democratizing not only art- but education opportunities.

This is a mutually beneficial opportunity. The Museums increase their exposure and revenue, whilst promoting the value of equitable education. Museumgoers are not restricted by their location, and can view an array of exhibitions from the comfort of their own homes. Not to mention the benefit to education. Students, art lovers and anyone interested in history have access to (what is on track to become) the world’s largest holographic museum collection. 

We are expanding our scope to cooperate with Museums and Galleries worldwide. Are you a curator interested in Partnering with Perception? Send us an email with a short introduction on your museum and what you hope to get from a partnership, and we’ll get back to you. 

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