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Create your own exhibition

Be the curator of your own Holo-Museum. With Holo-Exhibition, you can import and view your own models, in a truly unique immersive experience. Your favourite .obj and .fbx models can easily be imported onto a Mac or Windows.

Showcase your favourite models - whether you created them yourself or found them online. Simply open the software and click import. Then, put on your anaglyph glasses (those blue-red glasses) and enjoy!

Tech savvy individuals and those of us in the general public can easily create holographic, 3D models of everyday objects. Perhaps you have some family heirlooms, photos of an interesting sculpture, or your child’s latest artwork that you would like to immortalise? Well, why not. By simply uploading the model you should be able to look at it on any computer that you own. Then again, you are more than welcome to share it with family and friends.

Your own holographic collection is a perfect place to keep all of your models. Import your collections to show to the world (if you want to of course, who are we to discourage sharing art).

Sample models

Explore more models at sketchfab

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